Interested in renting our extended stay apartment?  Step 1 is contacting us about how we may meet your needs.
More than just a place to stay
All the comforts of home
Rental Information & Rates for Extended Stay Wallingford

What have our past tenants said about Extended Stay Wallingford?

"Much better than (a) hotel suite."

"It's a nice quiet town."

"...looked better than the pictures."

"...a very comfortable place..."

"...clean, safe and convenient."

"The apartment is very clean, cozy and rather spacious as well."
Extended Stay Wallingford is a privately owned condominium apartment in Wallingford, Connecticut.
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Please tell us the dates you are interested in (1-month minimum); your full contact information; and any other details you think would be helpful for us to know.

P: 917-821-1538

Note: No smoking and no pets.
Steps to Renting

Available early August 2019.